Vermillion Flycatcher Rubber Cling Stamp

Deep Red Stamps

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Bird, Avian, Red
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Stamp Design Size: 3 x 2.1

Get your red markers ready for this bird stamp.  All of the beautiful feathers, the folded wings, cute feet and the branch that he is resting on, are ready for color. Are you a bird lover, or know someone who is?  You can see from the reference photo, this stamp is of a male flycatcher. Female Vermillion Flycatchers, on the other hand, feature peach coloring in the belly area and the rest is grey.  If you live in the south west, you may be lucky enough to see them in your yard.  Their range includes almost all of Mexico; it extends north into the southwestern United States, and south to scattered portions of Central America, parts of northwestern and central South America. It has ranged as far north as Canada.