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Perfume Bottles to Decorate

Perfume Bottles to Decorate

Posted by Susan for Deep Red Stamps on Jun 26th 2024

Perfume bottle design is an art form. If you think of some of the big names out there, the creativity involved in designing the bottles is unreal. We have created a free printable download of four bottle shapes and labels for you to decorate with rubber stamps and cutout. It's just a fun paper project that will have you thinking, 'what would my perfume line be called?'

Above is one of the bottles cut out and our Blooming Sakura Rubber Stamp is stamped in pink ink, trimmed out and placed in the corner. This project is great to use your pink hued markers. Gold embossing would also look excellent on these bottles.

The free download, printable 8.5 x 11 inch page also includes some circle, octagon and rectangle shaped labels.

So many of our stamps will work well with this project. Here is a link to see all of our floral stamps: Deep Red Stamps Flowers search

Seen above are two frame stamps, one if from Potion Labels Rubber Stamp Set and the circle one is from Sewing Handmade By Rubber Stamp Set.

Link to view the download here.

Tip: Perfumes usually are either pinkish, peach or blue (that I can think of). Maybe you know of a different color for your bottle or just be creative and make it any color you heart desires.  Hmmm....Heart Desires...sounds like a good name for.....:-)