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Handwriting and Stamping

Handwriting and Stamping

Posted by Susan for Deep Red Stamps on Jun 19th 2024

Dot-lined paper is a popular choice for journal pages, but it can also be stamped with a pretty design to practice hand lettering. The dots act like grid paper and are more attractive than school lined pages.

We have created a free, printable download that is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of dotted paper perfect for making your personal journal pages or just placing onto a clipboard and practicing your drawing, doodling and handwriting skills. The dots are spaced 1/4" apart. 

In the project below, I stamped our Teacup Flowers Rubber Stamp and placed it onto a mini clipboard. (This sized clipboard is perfect for use when lounging in your favorite chair and can be found at Walmart, Amazon or local office supply stores.)

A good rubber stamp, like the one seen above, Teacup Flowers Rubber Stamp, is fun to practice hand lettering around. It offers an arched area to curve your text. 

In this project, we used a Lao Tzu quote, "The usefulness of the pot lies in its emptiness."

Hint: When handwriting, you will use your eraser a lot, but treat it like drawing more than writing. Use your pencil lightly so you can easily erase after coloring the words with thin or thick markers. Plan how you will lay out your words, which ones should be larger and stand out more. Don't just write out the text from left to right. Start with the big words first, then draw the others around them.

Our Teacup Flowers Rubber Stamp looks pretty with a bit of color. It's a vintage design, so you do not need to color much. Create a rounded look and depth to the cup and saucer by shading in the edges with some gray using your favorite brush markers or colored pencils.

Here is the link to the free download, dot-lined paper, click here. Use the page or cut it into smaller pieces, have fun and enjoy the dots!