Rewards Club

Rewards Club

Click here to register for membership to be enrolled in the Rewards Club Loyalty Program.
Receive 20 Bonus Rewards Points just for registering!
Rewards Club Memberships are free and provide you login access to your order tracking and history too.  Rewards Points earned on your first order can be applied to any future orders.  Note, you can also register for Rewards Club during checkout.

How do I earn reward points?

Reward Points are earned with every rubber stamp purchase.  The rewards value is shown under the price in each description.  You will receive 20 Bonus Rewards Points just for registering a new Rewards Club Membership!

Earn Bonus Rewards Points with Deep Red Coupons

Contact us to have a custom coupon code made with your blog name.  We will email the image file along with the html code so you can add it to your blog or website.  After you publish your coupon, post us a link on or email us and we will add 100 Bonus Rewards Points to your account.  Everytime someone enters your coupon during checkout at, you earn another 50 Bonus Rewards Points.  Yes, you can use your own coupon code for your purchases but we don't add the 50 Bonus Rewards Points. You do earn the regular Rewards Points for each order.

How do I use my rewards?

First, you need to be signed in before completing checkout. On the checkout page, the store will automatically calculate the discount for you. You can adjust the maximum number of reward points discount you wish to apply to your order.

RewardShip - Free shipping on orders over $50

Rewards members enter the coupon code: RewardShip on the checkout page to receive free shipping on orders over $50.  Important Note:  You will need to wait for the activation of your membership for the coupon to work.  After we activate your account, you must be logged in to your Rewards Account before completing checkout for the coupon to properly
remove the shipping charges.

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