By providing you with more options, you are able to access more customers to quickly and successfully grow your global microbrand. Here are some of the key factors that will give your crafting business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Build your catalog at your own pace
  • Maintain efficient inventories
  • Volume discounts, below wholesale pricing
  • Offer options to your customers
  • Various standard sized collections
  • Save money, complete some assembly
  • Highest quality rubber stamp product
  • Ability to compete in the global marketplace
  • Red rubber is preferred over clear stamps

Choosing deep etch...


Thicker stampsThe rubber is raised twice as high as standard etch rubber and clear stamps. Customers won't have problems stamping the background.


Natural Gum RubberNatural gum rubber stamps can be used with ALL crafting inks available on the market, unlike other stamps that are limited in ink transfer. Your customers will appreciate the versatility.


DurabilityDeep etch, red rubber stamps can be passed on to generations. They are made to last and can withstand high heat. The manufacturing process and ingredients are the same as used in automobile tires.


Our set-up and rubber stamp size options allow you to offer your customers both SINGLE STAMPS and/or ARTWORK COLLECTIONS. This enables you to order your stamps exactly the way you are selling them and maintain efficient inventories based on popularity. From each setup, order your stamps as UnMounted Rubber and/or Rubber with Cling Cushion attached.

Single Stamp Designs (any size up to 16 Square Inches).
Setting up your designs as single art stamps is the most cost effective way to build your catalog when selling your stamps individually. The pricing is based on the total square inches of each design. For example: A stamp image that is 2" wide x 3" tall = 6 square inches.
You can combine your rubber stamp orders of single stamp designs to increase your volume discount.

Art Stamp Collections (any sizes between 4" x 6" to 9" x 12").
Arranging your stamp designs into collections to create 'themed' rubber sheets is the traditional set-up option. We can manufacture your rubber stamp collections any size up to 9" x 12". This is the perfect choice when selling your stamps as unmounted rubber sheets or rubber sheets with cling cushion attached. This is also more economical when you are ordering supplies to complete the assembly yourself. You can combine your rubber stamp orders of artwork collections to increase your volume discount.

Price lists for setups and rubber stamp options

  • Artwork CollectionsPrice list for standard sized rubber sheets, 4" x 6" up to 9" x 12".
  • Single StampsPrice list for single stamps with or without retail packaging.
  • Graphics EditingPrice list for our graphics editing services, if you need our help.