Free Evaluations

Confidential, free evaluations have been key to providing excellent rubber art stamps to our customers. It eliminates any surprises and gives you the confidence that your designs are ready to go into production.

We are able to capture small details in your original artwork so that your rubber stamps will produce fantastic stamped images. Submit your high resolution files for confidential free image evaluations before ordering your setups and stamps. Simply click here to e-mail your files. Be sure to let us know the intended stamp image size(s) so we can confirm the resolution.

File Formats


Black & White Line ArtSave money on setups by submitting true line art files.


Grayscale & Color ArtworkImages that contain gray or color pixels need to be converted into 1 bit black and white line art for rubber stamp production.


PhotographsWe can convert color and black and white photographs into rubber stamp line art images.

Submitting My Artwork

The best image file format to submit for rubber stamp manufacturing is:
600 dpi .tif one bit line art with LZW compression for PC (created at actual stamp image size)
Other acceptable image file formats include:
300 dpi (pixels per inch) .tif, .jpg, or .bmp
There are no additional graphics editing charges when submitting true line art and/or very clean black and white artwork for your stamp designs and/or collections. One bit line art used for rubber stamp production is only black and white pixels, no gray or color pixels.

Graphics editing charges only apply if you need our help correctly formatting your design files. All of the charges are flat rate, not hourly. There are NO graphics editing charges if you submit image files that are ready for rubber stamp production.

Instruction Pages - File Types & Layout Options