Our advantages

Deep etch rubber stamps made of natural gum rubber are regarded as the best product option in the crafting market.

Your rubber stamps are manufactured precisely to your artwork specifications exceeding the industry standards for quality.

  • Full time rubber stamp manufacturer
  • Competitive pricing worldwide
  • Wider choice of sizes available
  • All materials are made in the USA
  • We ship internationally


About Us

We are a full-time manufacturer of deep etch rubber stamps located in Ocala, Florida. We are one of the best manufacturers of deep etch rubber stamps in the US. Our natural gum rubber is mixed in the USA specially for manufacturing high quality rubber stamps. In addition, our cling cushion mounting foam, is also manufactured in the United States for us. If you decide to order cling cushion on your rubber stamps, you will be receiving a cling cushion that is created specifically for rubber stamp crafting. The cling is a one piece, 1/8" thick gray cushion. We have been private label manufacturing for many rubber stamp companies worldwide since 2003 and have made many friends around the world!

We began our business by providing custom rubber stamps for industry, individuals, artists and military worldwide. We have evolved to specialize in supplying bulk manufactured rubber art stamps for artists and businesses. Our customers exibit in trade shows, in the US as well as in Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Japan just to name a few. Our products are often featured in crafting print publications in the US and around the world. We value our customers and we are proud to be recognized in the industry for excellent quality and unsurpassed artwork preparation.